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Every time we drove by KJM, Addie would beg me to let her take riding lessons. This went on for some time and finally, her persistence won out. We met with an instructor and Addie started taking lessons. That was more than seven years ago. Her focus on riding and horses has never waivered – hot weather, cold weather, it doesn't matter. What does matter is being with and taking care of her horses. She has found something she loves to do. How many people can say the same?
Kaylie had been wanting to take riding lessons and didn't want to take "no" for an answer. My husband (an equine veterinarian), knew the commitment involved and kept trying to put it off. But Kaylie and her grandmother had a different agenda...
Her next birthday present was a series of riding lessons and that was that. Kaylie's other extra-curricular activities slowly went by the wayside. Her horse is what she loves and she's doing what she loves to do.
We have two girls, and our goal has always been to keep them busy in environments where the kids are good and the parents are involved. We enrolled Courtney in Kamp KJM for a week during the summer when she was 7, and she fell in love with horses. She took lessons on their school horses for months until we finally took the plunge and bought her a horse of her own.
Courtney now goes to the barn nearly every day. She doesn't have time to get into trouble between school work and her horse. Whether it's riding lessons, practicing on her own, or just hanging out with her barn friends, Courtney is having a ball and we feel comfortable knowing she is with a good crowd.
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